Your Comprehensive Guide to Jewelry Services and Repairs

Fine jewelry, more than just gorgeous accessories, holds stories, emotions, and memorable moments close to our hearts. We wear jewelry to celebrate love, commemorate achievements, and express our unique style. But, to keep these precious treasures shining, valuable, and meaningful, it's crucial to understand the world of jewelry services and repairs.

In this guide, our experts at Morton and Rudolph Jewelers have prepared and assembled some of the most essential services related to jewelry, such as appraisals, engravings, insurance, repairs, and more. Dive in!

Why Jewelry Maintenance and Repair Matters

Your jewelry is an integral part of your story, an investment with sentimental value. Regular maintenance and occasional professional repairs are essential to ensure your jewelry remains pristine and retains its quality.

The rigors of daily wear and unexpected accidents can all contribute to the wear and tear of your jewelry. This is why jewelry maintenance and repair services become your secret weapon for preserving the beauty and significance of your cherished pieces.

Crafting Custom Jewelry

Imagine owning jewelry as unique as you are, a creation that reflects your personality and style. Custom jewelry is the avenue through which you can transform this dream into reality. This process involves a close partnership between you and a skilled artisan.

Together, you will bring your ideas to life, from the initial concept to the design and the final, exquisite piece. Whether an engagement ring, a wedding band, or any other special jewelry, custom designs offer a deeply meaningful way to express your vision and creativity

What is Jewelry Appraisal?

Jewelry appraisal is akin to deciphering the true value of your jewelry collection. It encompasses determining your jewelry's worth, identifying its precious metals, and evaluating the quality of gemstones. Appraisals are invaluable for insurance, estate planning, and making informed decisions regarding the sale, gifting, or insurance of your jewelry. They provide a clear and comprehensive snapshot of your jewelry's value, empowering you to confidently make choices.

Gold and Diamond Buying

It's worth considering our gold and diamond buying service before parting with old or unused jewelry that might be gathering dust. We meticulously assess your items, including gold, silver, loose diamonds, and estate pieces. We then provide you with an honest appraisal of their value, ensuring you make informed choices about your jewelry.


To make it even more convenient for you to acquire your dream jewelry, we offer flexible financing options, subject to approved credit at Morton & Rudolph Jewelers. With our financing solutions, you can seize the opportunity to own the jewelry you've always envisioned, spreading the payments over time to match your budget

Jewelry Engraving

Personalize your jewelry with custom engravings, adding more meaning to your pieces. Our engraving service allows you to create truly unique and sentimental jewelry that will be cherished for generations.

Jewelry Insurance

For added peace of mind, we offer free quotes from Jewelers Mutual Insurance to safeguard your jewelry investments. With reliable insurance, you can wear your jewelry with confidence, knowing it's protected in the event of loss, theft, or damage.

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Our experts offer restringing services to return the luster to your pearl jewelry, making it look as good as new. This service is an excellent way to rejuvenate your pearls and ensure they retain their timeless elegance.

Watch Repairs

Count on our experienced watch experts to maintain and repair your timepieces, ensuring they function precisely. Whether you have a vintage watch with sentimental value or a luxury timepiece, our team is well-equipped to provide the care your watches deserve

Where to find the best jewelry services and repairs in Cherry Hill, NJ

By now, you have been introduced to the most important services related to jewelry, and are looking for trustful jewelry to accompany you. So, we are here to guide you. In addition, we invite you to explore our exquisite collection of jewelry with a variety of exceptional designers!

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