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With gold prices on the rise, your old jewelry box may be holding thousands of dollars worth of treasure. Now is the best time to turn your old, broken and unwanted jewelry into cash

Doing a little spring cleaning in your jewelry box? Don't throw anything away! Put aside anything you don't wear anymore, and we'll make an appointment for you to bring it into the store for an evaluation.

Our jewelry box evaluation entails a staff member sorting through personal items or family estate items. These items could include gold and silver jewelry, loose diamonds, estate pieces and coins. Our assessment will determine if an item is real or costume, the carat weight of the gold, the genuinity of stones and the overall price of the item. We are equipped with many resources and connections that allow us to facilitate the resale of loose diamonds and jewelry that were not purchased from us. Depending on the circumstance, we may or may not offer prices on the items you are looking to sell.

If you decide you'd like to keep your jewelry and redesign it, we can custom make something new and modern for you to wear!

At Morton & Rudolph Jewelers, we are known for our utmost honesty and integrity when evaluating your jewelry. For more information, please reach out to one of our staff members.