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Bent Prongs

Bent prongs can occur for a number of reasons, whether it is because you have accidentally dropped a heavy object on your ring, the prongs have been caught by cloth, you closed the door on your ring, or it was slammed against an object. In these situations, you run the risk of one prong or several prongs being misshapen, pulled off of the diamond or broken off entirely. Once a problem is noticed, the ring should be brought to us for a professional assessment.

Missing Side Stones

If any of your side diamonds or gemstones are missing, it is critical to bring your jewelry to us to assess why it happened and an estimate to replace it.

Bent Bottom Shank

Picking up heavy weights (with most of the weight resting on the bottom of the ring), hitting something too hard, or any strenuous work could ultimately result in bending the bottom half of your ring. In the event of this happening, bring it to us to assess the problem.

Ring Stuck On Your Finger

In the event that your ring simply will not come off, it is best to first seek our help in getting the ring off. Some initial options we recommend are soaking your hand in cold water to reduce the inflammation on your finger. We also recommend spraying Windex on your ring finger to try and help slide the ring off. The last resort option is to cut the ring off of your finger and, on certain occasions, we can cut the ring off for you. However, in the case where we cannot cut the ring off, we will recommend a professional that can. After this process, it is sometimes still possible to repair the ring; ask our team about the cost associated with fixing the missing piece of metal!

Loose Side Stones

If you find that any of your side stones are loose, bring the jewelry to our store to tighten the prongs that are holding the stone.

In-Store Jewelry Maintenance

In an effort to ensure the longevity of your jewelry, it is important to bring your jewelry in every six months for inspection. Not only can this potentially save you time and money, it will also catch any gemstones that may be loose before they have fallen out.