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How to Find Her Finger Size

While our number one recommendation is to let us size her finger to figure out her true size, we understand that bringing her in to be sized will ruin the surprise. The good news is that there are other ways to be in a ballpark range!

1. Borrow one of her rings and bring it to our store, and we can quickly measure it before she notices it's missing. The fingers on our hands are all different sizes, so it's important that the ring you bring in is one that she wears on her left ring finger.

2. Use your resources. If she will notice one of her rings is missing, try some at home solutions. Take one of her rings and trace it on a piece of paper, or even imprint the entire ring into a bar of soap. At the store, we can compare it with our ring sizers. You can also slide the ring onto a tapered candlestick and mark where the ring fits comfortably.

3. Ask her close friend or one of her family members. Typically, anyone who regularly shops with her will know her ring size. She may even have a friend who recently got engaged or married and will subtly let her try on the ring to see how it fits. The most important part of this strategy is asking someone who will keep your big secret! If her best friend or great aunt is known for spilling the beans...ask someone else.

4. Sneak the topic into a conversation. This tactic is the most challenging of all, because you will have to speak in a nonchalant manner and seem like you have a good reason for asking.
Some ideas include:
- Say you are planning to buy a ring for your mom or sister and you need an idea of what size to get. She might volunteer her ring size and advise you to go a size larger or smaller for your alleged purchase.
- If you have friends that are engaged or married, ask about the proposal and how he figured out which ring to buy and the correct ring size to surprise her. If she knows the details, she might explain the story, while revealing her ring size as an example.
- Compare your fingers to hers. Maybe her fingers are a lot shorter or thinner than yours; maybe she has larger knuckles or tapered fingers. You can comment on this and see if she offers her ring size, or take thorough mental notes on her fingers as compared to yours, and together our staff can make an educated guess (a less accurate recommendation).

When it comes to guessing her ring size, it is always better to guess larger. When you propose, you want to be absolutely certain that the ring will be able to get on her finger. If it's too big, bring it back to your jeweler as soon as possible to be sized. In the meantime, you can wrap a little bit of tape around the bottom or use a bandaid to take up some space so that she doesn't risk the ring accidentally sliding off.

Worse comes to worse, you can always just ask her! Today, most women like to have some input when it comes to choosing her ring, so if you are comfortable enough to ask her, then go for it!

Traveling With Jewelry

There's nothing better than taking a relaxing and much needed vacation! However, the loss of a valuable item has the potential to ruin your entire trip. Jewelers Mutual, one of the top jewelry insurance groups and our main recommendation for our customers, posted some insights on how to safely travel with jewelry. So, before you jet away to sunshine and palm trees, take the following into account:

1. Anything you don't absolutely have to wear on your trip, leave at home.
We recommend standing by the golden rule of "less is more" on this occasion! Wearing only costume or silver jewelry is a safe and easy solution, and will allow you to still wear fun looks with peace of mind. Check out designers like ELLE Boutique, Officina Bernardi, Colore | SG, TOBY POMEROY and Les Interchangeables (all available at Morton & Rudolph Jewelers) for some great pieces that won't break the bank!

2. Pack with a purpose.
Individually pack each piece of jewelry to avoid tangling, and make sure each piece is supported and cushioned to avoid damage.

3. Keep your jewelry on you, no matter what.
At the airport - Either physically wear your jewelry or pack it in your carry-on bag, not your checked bag.
At the hotel - If your jewelry is in your personal bag, keep it with you even if a staff member offers to take it up to your room.
At dinner - Wear your jewelry, that's why you brought it!
However - During the days you spend in the sun, keep your jewelry in the safe in your hotel room. The elements from the outdoors could potentially damage your jewelry - or worse, cause them to end up lost.

4. Before you leave for your trip, make sure that you have all the proper documentation and coverage on your jewelry.
Some insurance policies only cover within the country, so if you're traveling farther distances, make sure your policy offers adequate coverage and that all of your appraisals are up to date. Having your appraisals updated (at least) every five years will ensure your ability to regain any lost item's full value.

With these things in mind, you'll have one less worry during your relaxing getaway!