Take Bridal Jewelry To The Next Level With A.JAFFE Pieces

Since 1892, A.JAFFE has been a revered name in the world of engagement rings and wedding bands, celebrated for its elegant aesthetic, and top-quality craftsmanship. What truly makes A.JAFFE stand out is not just their stunning designs, but also the lifetime warranty that accompanies every ring

This assurance means you can wear your cherished ring with confidence, knowing that A.JAFFE will stand by your side through all the significant stages of your life. If you’re looking for exquisite and outstanding quality bridal jewelry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our guide to one of the most impressive designers when it comes to expressing love with jewelry.

Discover A.JAFFE: A legacy of elegance since 1892

In 1892, a man named Abraham Jaffe had a vision. He opened a small shop on the bustling streets of Maiden Lane in downtown New York City, a humble beginning that would shape a remarkable legacy. Little did he realize that this modest start would give rise to a brand synonymous with unwavering quality and innovation in the world of bridal rings for well over a century.

But, the A.JAFFE story didn't stop there. Abraham Jaffe made an important decision, relocating his business to the vibrant heart of West 47th Street, a place that later on evolved into the epicenter of the international jewelry world. From that moment onward, A.JAFFE remained steadfast in their commitment to the same high standards of craftsmanship and innovation that have defined their exquisite bridal rings for more than 125 years.

What sets A.JAFFE bridal jewelry apart?

A.JAFFE is renowned for its distinctive approach to engagement rings and wedding bands, combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern innovation. This brand takes pride in their long-standing tradition of quality craftsmanship. Notably, each piece of jewelry is crafted by their team of designers in New York and Italy, many of whom have worked with renowned jewelers worldwide.

Another aspect worth noting is that A.JAFFE is known for blending timeless design aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, and a sophisticated touch. They've introduced patented features like the Signature Shank™ and Quilted Interior™, ensuring that their rings not only look stunning, but also provide maximum comfort and diamond stability.

Exquisite diamonds: Beyond the 4C's

It’s almost impossible to talk about A.JAFFE without mentioning their diamond selection process, which transcends the conventional 4C's (cut, clarity, color, and carat). They seek diamonds that possess exceptional fire and brilliance, with a primary focus on G/H VS (or SI upon request) quality, all adhering to internationally accepted GIA standards.

Every gemstone undergoes rigorous authenticity verification and is cut to ideal standards, ensuring next-level light performance. These responsibly sourced diamonds are then lovingly hand-set by A.JAFFE's master jewelers, resulting in creations that radiate brilliance for generations to come. After all, your unique love story deserves a diamond that reflects its true essence.

Enchanting A.JAFFE engagement rings & wedding bands

This special designer has been crafting exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands that epitomize enduring love and unmatched craftsmanship. In this style guide, we list some of their remarkable creations, each designed to become part of your story.

First, let's talk about engagement ring styles. The Prong Set Side Stone engagement ring is a testament to A.JAFFE's commitment to excellence. Immaculately set with brilliant diamonds on the shank, it elevates the center stone, creating a mesmerizing display of sparkle. Your love story deserves nothing less than this masterpiece

For those who seek a touch of vintage charm and sophistication, you can also check out the Diamond Halo Cathedral engagement ring. Its halo of diamonds encircles the center stone, reminiscent of a classic era.

For the big day, we recommend the Prong Set Diamond wedding band. Impeccably crafted to match your engagement ring, this band is a radiant expression of your unending love. For a more timeless feel, check out the Vintage wedding band. This style embraces the allure of a bygone era. Its intricate detailing and charm evoke the romanticism of yesteryears. This band is a true heirloom, a symbol of love that transcends generations.

Where to shop for gorgeous A.JAFFE engagement rings and wedding bands in Cherry Hill, NJ

By now, you have probably been captivated by our selection of A.JAFEE and are looking to find a piece to call yours, or to celebrate the next step in your relationship. So, we are here to make this happen. You will definitely find an enchanting and authentic piece with our team of exceptional designers!

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